Conference proceedings

This book presents a selection of peer-reviewed papers which were presented at a conference organized in Ghent, Belgium, from 27 till 29 August, 2009. The conference was given the title Philosophical Aspects of Symbolic Reasoning in Early modern Science and Mathematics (PASR). For this book we selected papers which deal with the consequences for mathematics in particular, hence the omission of `science' in the title of this book. Another selection, dealing with the understanding of nature and a broader range of topics, will appear elsewhere. The book is published by College Publications (London) in September 2010 in the book series Studies in Logic. A physical copy of the book can be ordered via amazon. Please inform your libraries about this and ask them to order a copy.


Albrecht Heeffer, Maarten Van Dyck (eds.). Philosophical Aspects of Symbolic Reasoning in Early-Modern Mathematics. College Publications, London, 2010. Studies in Logic, volume 26.

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Preface and Foreword
Albrecht Heeffer and Maarten Van Dyck


pdf-logo pp. vii-xiiii

Hesitating progress:  the slow development toward algebraic symbolization in abbacus-and related manuscripts, c. 1300 to c. 1550
Jens Høyrup


pdf-logo pp. 3-56

From the second unknown to the symbolic equation
Albrecht Heeffer


pdf-logo pp. 57-102

Symbolic revolution, scientific revolution: mathematical and philosophical aspects
Michel Serfati


pdf-logo pp. 103-122

Translating Euclid's Diagrams into English, 1551-1571
Michael J. Barany


pdf-logo pp. 125-164

The symbolic treatment of Euclid's Elements in Hérigone's Cursus mathematicus (1634, 1637, 1642)
Maria Rosa Massa Esteve


pdf-logo pp. 165-191

What More There Is in Early-Modern Algebra than its Literal Formalism
Marco Panza


pdf-logo pp. 193-228

The geometry of the unknown: Bombelli's algebra linearia
Roy Wagner


pdf-logo pp. 229-269

The "Merely Mechanical" vs. the "Scab of Symbols": Seventeenth Century Disputes over the Criteria of Mathematical Rigor
Douglas M. Jesseph


pdf-logo pp. 273-288

Leibniz between ars characteristica and ars inveniendi: Unknown news about Cajori's `master-builder of mathematical notations'
Eberhard Knobloch


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