Augustus 27th

09h00-09h45: Registration and coffee
09h45-10h00: Opening (Room Vermeylen)

10h00-11h10: Plenary 1 (Moderator: E. Knobloch)

Marco Panza (CNRS, Paris)
Does algebra need a (literal) formalism?

11h10-11h30: Coffee break

11h30-12h40: Plenary 2 (Moderator: E. Knobloch)

Doug Jesseph (University of South Florida)
The `merely mechanical' versus the `scab of symbols': Seventeenth-century debates over the criteria for mathematical rigor

12h40-14h30: Lunch

Parallel 1 (Room Vermeylen, Moderator: C. Schwartz)

  • Christian Leduc, Princeton, USA
    Imagination, Reason, and Symbolization in Leibniz
  • Scott J. Hyslop, Indiana, USA
    Algebraic Collisions: Challenging Descartes with Cartesian Methods

Parallel 2 (Priorzaal, Moderator: A. Meskens)

  • Michael Barany, Cambridge, UK
    Translating Euclid's Diagrams into English, 1551--1571
  • Maria Rosa Massa Esteve, Barcelona, Spain
    The algebraic treatment of Euclid’s Elements in Hérigone’s Cursus mathematicus (1634, 1637, 1642)

16h00-16h30: Coffee break

Parallel 3 (Room Vermeylen, Moderator: M. Serfati)

  • Katherine Dunlop, Brown, USA
    Making Time Appear in the Diagram: The Opening Mathematical Argument of the Principia
  • Karin Verelst, VUB, Belgium
    Nieuwentijt Infinitesimals and the Axiomatic Method: A seventeenth century attempt at formalising calculus consistently

Parallel 4 (Priorzaal, Moderator: J. Høyrup)

  • Fatima Romero Vallhonesta, Spain
    The symbolism in the earliest mathematical works written in Spanish, containing algebra
  • Ad Meskens, Antwerp, Belgium
    Diophantos: the beginning of symbolic algebra?


Augustus 28th

10h00-11h10: Plenary 3 (Moderator: M. Van Dyck)

Eberhard Knobloch (Technische Universität Berlin)
Leibniz between ars characteristic and ars inveniendi: Unknown news about Cajori's ‘master-builder of mathematical notations’

11h10-11h30: Coffee break

11h30-12h40: Plenary 4 (Moderator: M. Van Dyck)

Michel Serfati (Paris VII)
Scientific revolution, symbolic revolution; mathematical and philosophical aspects

12h40-14h30: Lunch

Parallel 5 (Room Vermeylen, Moderator: M. Panza)

  • Karen François, VUB, Belgium
    Descartes’s Mathesis Universalis A concept which expresses Descartes’s authoritarian epistemology
  • Olivia Chevalier, Paris, France
    Symbolic algebra and the general art of solving problems in Descartes’

Parallel 6 (Priorzaal, Moderator: M. Bullynck)

  • Ladislav Kvasz, Bratislava, Slovakia
    The role of symbolism in Galilean, Cartesian and Newtonian physics
  • Manuel Mertens, Ghent, Belgium
    Giordano Bruno’s mnemonics in the Articuli adversus mathematicos

16h00-16h30: Coffee break

Parallel 7 (Room Vermeylen, Moderator: D. Jesseph)

  • Maarten Bullinck, Ghent, Belgium
    Metalepsis: The origin of semiotics in symbolic algebra
  • Roy Wagner, Israel
    On the semiotic processes that  enabled Bombelli’s L’algebra

Parallel 8 (Priorzaal, Moderator: K. Verelst)

  • Johan Blok, Groningen, Holland
    How Diagrammatic Reasoning in Wolff's Method of Mathematics becomes Symbolic Reasoning in the Precritical
  • Claire Schwartz, Université Lyon III, France
    Methaphors for symbolic thought in the seventeenth century 

19h30: Conference dinner (Het Pand)


August 29th

10h00-11h10: Plenary 5 (Moderator: A. Heeffer)

Jens Høyrup (Roskilde University)
Hesitating progress – the slow development toward algebraic symbolization in abbacus- and related manuscripts, c. 1300 to c. 1550

11h10-11h30: Coffee break

11h30-12h40: Plenary 6 (Moderator: A. Heeffer)

Matthias Schemmel (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
Medieval Representations of Change and Their Early Modern Application

12h40 Conference closing

(Andrew Arana, Reinhard Z. Bengez, Giovanna Cifoletti, and Norma B. Goethe had their paper selected but could unfortunately not attend the conference.)